Money Music Monday

Money Music Monday #10



The weekends always hold such promise from one side and such regret from another. I work every Saturday without fail, and then Binge eat and relax all day on Sunday as much as possible.

Even being so productive it just feels like never enough time.

My version Work Hard Play Hard I guess.

Money Music Monday

Money Music Monday #9





The Patriots won yet again yesterday. I know absolutely little to nothing about sports, but I do notice one thing. Bill Belichick is one of the best examples of dressing understated.

The Dude is never caught without a scowl or a hoodie, and yet the deeds speak for themselves. Inspiring.





Money Music Monday

Money Music Monday #8


Time to get at it another Monday.

The above song is fantastic on loop for a long running session. Repetitive beat makes you forget how long you’ve been at it for.


For some of your weekly motivation, see what I have been drawing inspiration from for the past few weeks.



Money Music Monday

Money Music Monday #7



Spent this weekend getting some much needed down time.


Currently perusing Tim Ferris’ new book Tools of TitansĀ  which is seeming to be a compilation of notes hes taken over the past few years combined at random.

Useful just to read small pointers from successful people but otherwise merely a reference book on a day where you just want light anecdotes.



Work Hard Play Hard

Money Music Monday #5


For this MMM I thought we would switch it up to an older techno hit.

At this point in my life I am currently accomplishing half of this song. This year is all about working harder to party hard later on.

Not so much partying physically, more of a mental party but you know what I mean.



Be a Jedi

Money Music Monday #4



In Honor of the rare lovely release of a new Star Wars film, I present a fantastic hustle song.

This may not exactly be in the make money vein by lyrics to be sure – it is one of those kind of songs you can go to the gym and run ten miles while listening to.

That is the kind of pump up and dedication needed in life.


I love Star Wars mainly for its homage to The Heroes Journey from Joseph Campbell.

If you haven’t read of the connection – it may help make Star Wars less childish and more philosophical to you.

The below link explores much of the impact Campbell had on Lucas’ work with Documentary evidence.

Money Music Monday

Money Music Monday #3


A little bit late due to an extended Christmas hangover.

This is the best week to get ahead even if its a bit behind the norm. Ramping up into the New Year in the right way is going to be a Huge boon to the future you.

2017 is all about that unending energy.

I can’t stop.

Money Music Monday, Remix, 3LAU, Lil Dicky, Save the Money

Money Music Monday #2



Generally people have heard of this original song, but 3LAU crushes the remix to make Dicky’s flow way smoother than it ever was.

I tend to be on the Earn More vs Save More mentality – Earning more is so much more powerful for your mentality.

Money Music Monday #1

Each Week we will start the hustle off right with some Money Making Music.



For me there is few songs that embody the mentality that I believe we need to keep in mind than the below.

Comically overstated to be sure, but in my mind as long as you aim high you will always do at least well.


Not one for material things this stuff does not have much play in my life – but that beat…