About FFI

Hello and welcome to Future Financial Independence! My name is Echo and I created this blog in order to help me improve my finances and hopefully help you improve your own as well. Currently my girlfriend and I have a massive amount of Student Loan Debt and are living in one the most expensive areas in the world, New York City. I am mildly obsessive with my finances, but I have also always been extremely ridiculously bad at math. Failed right through them all. There are no excuses in life though so I have managed to save and invest a healthy amount for my age bracket.  

I am a 27 year old financial salesman who graduated post recession with a top 5 business undergrad degree, unexpected debt, and no job. Through a series of mishaps and sheer luck I have managed to continue to excel with extremely limited formal schooling and apparently some capacity for doing repetitive money making tasks. I by no means consider myself a success, and I question my desire to one day be satisfied with my accomplishments. In my experience the only way to survive is to keep pushing, otherwise you get eaten.

I have various interests which all may have their time in the sun in my space. I publish monthly streamlined net worth posts. I have a monthly quota sales career so we will get to have fun as you watch the roller coaster. I have experience Landlording multi-family properties and will regularly delve into amature analysis of the Tri State Real Estate Market. Also, the Future in the blog’s title actually comes from my obsession with science and the future of humanity and I will likely attempt some focus on that as it is my personal obsession. I am an avid devourer of books and am torn on the Kindle vs Real Paper Battle.



Renting in a poor person penthouse right outside of the city with my girlfriend and 2 cats and enjoying every minute of it.