January 17 Financial Review

January 2017 Tracking Report

Alrighty so here we are at tracking report numero dos: January 2017


I am excited to start off my first full calendar year of tracking. This is a pretty solid month to aspire to in regards to spending, Income not so much. Things were relatively quiet in regards to plans and going out, which allowed me the opportunity to not spend an ungodly amount drinking. That will likely change as the winter thaws. It amuses me to think how not 12 months ago I hated the thought of tracking due to my dislike of YNAB and now I cannot live without it. It helps calm me. Zen time.



Bills – $2,258

The always fun credit card bills. Pretty standard here after paying off most all debt last month. The main big items here are $500 each for rent and student loans, and a further $400 for a half year of car insurance. I use my vehicle so infrequently that this is somewhat of a waste, but at $800 a year, I value the freedom that the car enables much more highly than the missing money. This is likely a silly stance, but I rationalize by saying that this is pretty much the lowest car insurance I have ever heard of for someone with my demographic profile. The car has been sitting on bricks at my father’s house, and will do so for the foreseeable future. Considering that’s the biggest bill for transit I will have for some time – I will survive.


Business – $45

A very unique interesting month due to stresses at work and the seasons. I have not had the time I was hoping to have to devote to my own independent projects, so hopefully this category will increase in time. For January this just covers snow gear for my rental property. Multiple snow shovels and ice melt right before flurries, gives piece of mind and a moderate tax deduction.


Eating Out – $178

This category saw some moderate reduction this month. I did not go absolutely crazy, but I focused on maximizing the benefits my company gives me. I managed to use the $20 a week budget they give and stretched it over three days instead of the typical two. With that I got one further day a week with free lunch. I pay nothing for breakfast, and now with 3 lunches a week covered, I should be able to push this number down even more.


Gifts – $400

The last of 2016’s weddings. I keep hearing that I will get all this money back when I get married, but considering I plan to have a destination or something unusual that will be unlikely.  The wedding was a blast and I value this friendship for the future, but I hope this year isn’t as hectic as the last. With 5 weddings in 2016 – it started to become an all too common line item on my budgeting. And a large one at that.


Groceries – $150

Standard delivery groceries worked out well. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of February. I have had a couple of SNAFU’s in regards to my groceries this month that makes me dream about January’s ease.


Health – $55

Gym and cold

Standard gym and some minor cold medicine.


Home – $244

I was a good tenant this month. Our poor person penthouse is fantastic, with kind neighbors and a clean building. Our landlord is entirely absent however. We received a somewhat nasty text message in which the water bill for the whole building was through the roof and had we been letting things leak. After some searching I found that while there was no major leaks, the toilets parts were corroded to the point in which water could at times continually run. After waiting for a few weeks, I could not handle it anymore and bought and fixed everything but the porcelain itself. $50 gone, and no landlord in sight. I do not mind eating the cost as I expect we will be able to avoid a minority stressful visit from him, whenever he does manage to remember us.


Snacks – $47

I managed to control my snacking this month. Hopefully I can eventually segue this entire budget into groceries safely.


Transit – $104

I wanted to let my pre tax transit card fill up a bit, so this month I covered bus fare for the most part. Never too expensive, the commute is one of the best parts of our living arrangement. For New Year’s Eve we did some light numbering to get a free ride with some friends out to the boonies of NJ.

2 people commute and Nye etc


Vice – $150

Drinking friends bday. Networking. Thrown out

Drinking and partying was relatively light this month. One of my friends had a birthday, he is the oldest and closest to thirty so we all tend to get slightly inebriated as the bellwether of age for all of us.

Thoroughly enjoyed myself up until I got kicked out of the bar. I had been drinking for some time so I can hardly blame them, but I was in complete control and mainly just insulted the waiter a few times for bad service. Eh what can ya do. I wanted to leave anyway at that time


Total spend


Payday – $2448

And this will go down as my worst commission month in 3 years or more. December just did not go my way at all. I know it comes with the sales territory, but it certainly stings. Thankfully I had cleared most of my bills and cut spending right in time. This sort of lull in sales has never bothered me to much, one has to hope that it is temporary and forge on. It helps to have things tracked to see these sort of fluctuations in order to make more educated decisions.


Invest – $800

Standard auto savings I managed to survive. With small paychecks there is some lagtime so I may need to halt these partially next month.


401k – $700

Not bad. Not good but not bad.


ESPP – $750

I love this program so much. Next month in March is my bi annual sell off in which I get a smooth deposit of hidden savings every so often. Always right into the brokerage account far away from my spending.


HSA – $241

Finally! I have wanted one for some time and finally transitioned to an HSA. I do not like going to doctors generally, so I am going to hope that I can avoid anything but the annual checkup for a full year in order to get the full $3k plus in there to start growing. All these pre tax deductions devour the paycheck!


Assets and Liabilities



Cash – $980 + $2500


401k – $59,000


IRA’s – $21,000


Brokerage – $201,000


RSU’s – $21,000


Rental – $36,600


Car – $6,900


Total – $350,000




Mortgage – $0


Student loans – $4,000


Chase – $770


AMEX – $135


Total – $4,900


NW – $345,000


Change – +$9,000


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