Welcome to the Future!

Welcome to the Future of Financial Independence

Welcome and thank you for stopping by and visiting my page. My name is Echo. I created this site to keep track of my financial journey just like so many others. I hope though to be able to add my own unique twist on the experience so that we can all have an amazing future.

I am a 27 year old perennial slacker who graduated post recession with a top 5 business undergrad degree, unexpected debt, and no job. Completely failed my way through magnet schooling most of my early life and failed my way through most of my early jobs. Some years later and I am currently employed and excelling in FinTech Sales living with my girlfriend in a poor person’s penthouse outside right New York City.

I will not limit myself too much in terms of the topics of this blog. I am extremely fiscally motivated so that will serve as a strong impetus but in the interests of broadening my writing horizons I plan to delve into an assortment of interesting areas. It will also allow me to have less of an excuse to stay on course and persevere as I would find it hard to regurgitate the existing Personal Finance tripe too much. Most people have covered it all in depth and I will certainly voice my opinions in some areas – but the amount of rehashed stuff out there is painful.

My view on personal finance and financial independence is forever under development. In my life you either keep moving forward and pushing yourself or you flounder, fall asleep, and get eaten. I struggle to get past what people call a poverty mindset, and I expect this will change in time. I have set up my life and made decisions in such a way that I pay myself first. Money vanishes so quickly even for the most tight fisted of person, it is necessary to be very aware in the wealth accumulation phase lest you end up like the Average American. I am somewhat defensive with my capital for my age, and have been aggressively saving and building skills and knowledge in order to force myself to take on further risk in my financial decisions. I have various projects in motion at varying stages of development and hope to document their progress at length. Saving in index funds is fantastic and I continue to do so, but more work needs to be done.  At some point you have to take the plunge.

I have various interests but an overarching one you might see will be those of Science and the Future of Humanity. How I will tie that to Financial Independence is going to be the fun part that we shall develop along the way. I am no scientist, just an avid reader of books and armchair philosopher, but I cannot help but feel extremely grateful to be alive in this era. Humanity is reaching such beautiful heights and we are so lucky to be alive to see the events that will occur to to shape our culture, species, and planet in the near future. A major part of my personal desire for financial independence is my desire to be completely free to dedicate much more of my time to helping shape a more amazing future for those who follow us. I work extremely hard and sacrifice now so that I can soon spend more time doing the things I love whether this be through contributing with Community Service, Philanthropy, or generally working in any capacity that meets my interest if not my financial needs.

It is important however, and I constantly must remind myself, that we all do need to enjoy life now mainly and not focus too much on the future. I think this community has a mild to severe case of binocular vision, in which day to day life easily becomes drudgery as you watch the numbers in your net worth tick up towards your goal. I was born and raised in New York City. The hustle is real here. I have difficulty with patience, and I know many of us struggle finding a measure of happiness with the current amount of daily stimuli being thrown at us. Often I have to remind myself I live in one of the most amazing cities in the world at the best time to be alive and just step back. People leave their countries and families just to get the slightest chance to succeed here. I will attempt to go over my current outlook on surviving and thriving in work and life, in the city and at home.

There are a number of other interests that I expect to explore at length over the coming months. I was a moderate to decent small tournament RTS gamer for some years until I lost some of my life to the beast that is World of Warcraft. I kicked that habit and mainly only allow myself to play the turn based Civilization series in rare free time. Turn based gaming allows moderate productivity in multi-task situations. I have two cats currently and have been around animals my entire life. My family owned a guard dog facility growing up, and as I got older i started to volunteer with rescue shelters. I have a massive personal library and I expect to give some solid book recommendations out as I tend to get access to certain advanced copies. I have a career in Sales with a monthly quota so you will get to see the rollercoaster that comes with being 75- 90% commission oriented. I also am a landlord in the New York City Metro Area, I have a multifamily investment property right outside of the city. Real estate has so far been a fantastic decision both as an investment and for my mindset. I have a inherent addiction to future tech, so while it may combat certain core values of mine, I purchased a kitted out computer rig and Virtual Reality Headset to treat myself to a milestone earlier this year. I expect our society to fully embrace VR and AR over the coming years and plan to invest accordingly. Also – Money Music Mondays.


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